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Here are a few ridiculous facts about my life that even my closest friends don't know.  

  1. I grew up on the most beautiful lake in Upstate New York.  When I moved back to my home town I bought a boat, but I am scared to swim anywhere I can't touch the bottom because...sharks.  Yes, I realize this makes no sense. 
  2. I once had a pizza named after me.  I'm not totally proud of this but it happened.  It was before chicken, bacon & ranch was a thing and that is basically what it was...can I say that I started that trend? I am now trying to be vegan (failing). UPDATE our local pizza joint now offers a vegan pizza which may also be because of me.
  3. I had a bulldog named Snooch, her original name was Jennifer Lopez.
  4. I once hand-made Snooch a Halloween costume, an angel, I have't even done that for my actual child.  She won second place in a pet fashion show!   My dog Snooch dressed as an angel
  5. Snooch passed away in Spring 2020, we have a chair out by her grave and I go visit her.  I leave snacks out so that other animals will go visit her too.  It totally works.
  6.  I talk to my houseplants, we named them: pizza, high-five, spike and moon.
  7. Sometimes I make people cry.  This is NOT what you think, I actually like to help people and sometimes it results in happiness tears (which is the ultimate) and if they cry, I cry.  Does this make sense? 
  8. My cat looks like Jake Gyllenthal, I named her Jilly.  My cat looks like Jake Gyllenthal
  9. My other cat follows us to school.  Teachers reported that he waits on the playground for the kids to come outside!
  10. I may be a backup dancer in a Zumba fitness video somewhere online.


March 03, 2021 by Eleanor Rhinehart