All items handmade in the Finger Lakes...please allow 5-7 business days for production.
Hey there! I'm Eleanor and this is Snooch my 13 year old English Bulldog. 
Most days you can find me singing loudly (and poorly) while delicately layering paint onto paper, and dolling out treats to the dog or cats that have wandered into my backyard art studio.  
I tend to make people cry, stay with me on this...I create custom portraits of pets and families that are most often given as gifts with a tremendous amount of sentimental value.  For example, commemorating a pet or a family member who has passed. I LOVE to help people put their emotions into a work of art so meaningful, it brings their loved one to tears.
When I'm not painting you can find me chasing my 5yr old around the neighborhood or testing out a new Vegan recipe on my family (bless their patient, vegetable-loving hearts).
Let's work together!
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