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Sometimes I make people cry.

Actually, it happens a lot and I love it!  Hold on, hold on…don't delete me yet, I am NOT a psychopath.  In fact I am very sensitive, I am that person who catches spiders to release them outside safely. 

Many times when I am commissioned to create a portrait, it is for a very heartfelt and deeply personal connection.  What I often do, and how I love to help people, is to create lasting memories of family and friends, and sometimes it is a way to honor family or pets that have passed away. 

I wanted to share this side of my business with you because it is my absolute favorite part of what I do.  Even though the reason may be a sad one, I am deeply honored to be a part of a family's story in a way that will be cherished, and yes, will bring tears to their eyes. 

This Spring I lost my first fur-baby, my best friend and my studio assistant, Snooch (pictured below).  My life is forever changed for having loved her and I miss her each and every day. 

I know many of us have lost more than we would like so far in 2020. Jobs, homes, friends and loved ones seem to have been shaken apart this year.

If you have lost someone, something, your job or even a part of yourself in this crazy year of change, please let this email be a deeply heartfelt hug of solace and understanding!

This is an invitation for you to come connect with me over on Facebook or Instagram.  Let's talk about our kids, our pets or our lives.  Send me funny pictures of your dog.  I'll send you a funny meme about cats.  Let's have a giggle!

Picture of my dog wearing a hat

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October 21, 2020 by Eleanor Rhinehart